Mothers who kill their children, the maximum expression of a ferocious selfishness.

In my opinion, the case of Alessia Pifferi is even more horrible than that of Cogne, for example. In the murder perpetrated by Anna Franzoni, however, a great suffering and a great emotionality, in short, a very serious mental disorder, is evident. The emotional lightness (I could be wrong) that I have perceived from the recent infanticide, is decidedly disturbing, it reminds me of the dynamics of certain Nazis and certain psychopaths, understood as minds without the slightest empathy. Alessia Pifferi presents a banal relationship to the life of her daughter. She also upsets me the powerful mental laziness of her, since if the urge to fuck with her man had been so compelling, she could still have handled it in a thousand different ways, ways that did not involve death by starvation. . She could have called a babysitter, she could have abandoned her in a public place, she could have axed her in a church, an abandonment is not a murder anyway. But her nothing, her daughter was not even worth a mental effort a reasoning. Her disgusting selfishness, however, occurs from much earlier, with all due respect to those idiots who would like to eliminate abortion, much better not to give birth to a child than to kill him when she begins to become aware of the world around him.

If Franzoni moved me in addition to the pain for the child, especially a strong pain for her, this only moves me anger, I hate selfishness especially when it is so excessive and useless. A mother’s indifference towards her child is more destabilizing than the pathological will to kill. Paradoxically, an act of extreme madness is more accepted than extreme indifference towards a child. I grew up in a family where if there was not something for everyone, however, the priority was for us children, in the country of: “children know pieces and hearts” this selfish wickedness becomes unacceptable.

I wonder if this woman wakes up one day from her absurd sleep of reason and how Carlo Lissi (who also killed his wife and children for a potential relationship with a colleague that probably would never have come true even if he had been free) easing of the sentence, in the light of the rediscovered conscience.